About iExchange

iExchange is the fantastic and innovative vacation ownership exchange company brought to you by
The Beekman Group, who have successfully been at the forefront of the South African leisure industry for more than 40 years. Our affiliation with various leisure clubs, resorts and other exchange companies allow iExchange members to vacation throughout Southern Africa, and in fact, all over the world!

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About Us

Meet the iExchange Team!

Here at iExchange we are all about fresh ideas, keeping up with the travel trends, being perfectly on target and when it comes to what is new, exotic and exciting in the leisure industry - a vacation club that'll be able to answer all your holiday accommodation questions.

The iExchange consultants, or as we like to call them, "Smooth Operators", are South African Tourism-accredited travel specialists, certified in "Essentials" and "Experiences". You're probably wondering what that means to you? Well its fantastic news for you! It means that every individual on the iExchange team has completed a course assisting them on becoming an authority on South Africa and its attractions. This improved knowledge on our country allows them the opportunity to expertly enhance your holiday experiences through informed decisions.

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We believe in stellar service and our Smooth Operators are committed to ensuring your holiday is a memorable one. We know that we're already pretty great, but we like a challenge, so we have a team that is always on the go, seeking out new alliances within the industry. By choosing to do more we can actively give you more - more options, more resorts, more fantastic travel deals, more variety... The spice of life!

Lest we forget, iExchange would be nothing without all of the great staff at the resorts who strive to make your holiday the best possible time spent away from home. With a team like that ready to ease you into your vacation, you're guaranteed to have a time you won't soon forget.