We have always strived towards developing and maintaining great relationships with other players in our industry and we have forged strong strategic alliances with other exchange companies, leisure clubs, resorts, and management companies. It is these alliances that have enabled iExchange to offer members such a broad inventory pool of timeshare rentals.

A Multitude of Benefits

It only gets better!

There are a multitude of benefits for a resort owner, club or developer when joining iExchange:

More Variety

By aligning yourselves with iExchange, your members will receive access to a wider inventory pool with more variety, whilst still retaining all of their existing holiday benefits.

Professional Inventory Management

Professional inventory management that addresses all aspects of our industry, not only stock yield and inventory management issues, but also accounts management, reservation administration, resort management, and managing guest arrivals.

Competitive Exchange Fees

iExchange offers highly competitive local and international exchange fees. Apart from this there are no other fees for banking or affiliating. Alternative options are available should you wish to structure a membership fee based model to give your Club or owners an advantage with even lower exchange fees.


We believe that an objective approach must be taken to fairly rate each resort and allocate iPoints both in terms of when a member banks and receives his allocation of iPoints, and then again when he uses his iPoints on inventory. The tools presented to developers, management companies, and resorts allow them access to information about what is required from them to work towards higher iPoints values for their establishments, which at the end of the day benefits their members within the iExchange system.

Different Types of Holiday Accommodation

iExchange caters to all types of holiday accommodation: timeshare weeks, timeshare clubs, points systems, vacation clubs, exchange organisations, resorts, developers, fractional owners and hotel groups.

An iExchange Partnership

Partnering with iExchange will assist you in building your own brand and leverage your sales growth, or existing member services and value. iExchange will provide you with professional marketing collateral to promote your brand's iExchange partnership.

Service Excellence

Our commitment to service excellence goes way beyond our "smooth operators". Your Account Executive will provide on-going training and support so that you and your team are able to benefit your business and members; and to ensure that you are kept up to date with the growth of iExchange and the increasing benefits and value.

To find out more about how you can grow your business with iExchange, call +0861 439 242 (Ext 3) or e-mail us now business@iexchange.net