We Care

iExchange is fully committed to being part of The Beekman Group of Companies Corporate Social Investment through which funding is spent on worthy social causes. This is done through sustainable projects that make a real difference, and allows us to achieve the motto "Enriching Lives, Fulfilling Dreams". Our key focus areas are social development, education, health, job creation, public service, and preserving our environment.

Social Responsibility

Happy to lend a helping hand

The Beekman Group believes that the future prosperity of our country and our company hinges on the positive transformation and upliftment of our communities. To this end our corporate social investment spending will be on worthy social causes through sustainable projects that make a real difference.

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Go Green

Our Commitment

We strive to participate actively towards the improvement and preservation of the environment by mobilising ourselves, encouraging others & acquiring the means to facilitate a recycling program with the aim of minimising the impact our waste has on the environment.

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