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The process for banking is quite straightforward. Here are the steps, with all the details you need to understand exactly how it works.


  • Register online for FREE! We then contact your resort to verify your timeshare ownership.
  • You only pay an exchange fee when booking your holiday.


  • You will receive an iPoints quote, which is valid for 5 days.
  • Why not look at our iDeals to see what you can get for your quote?


  • Bank your iPoints using the simple online system.
  • If you have a fixed week, you can bank immediately.
  • If you have a flexi week, we'll need to help you just a little.
  • Your iPoints are then allocated to your new iExchange account.


  • Then the fun starts!
  • Select your dream destination. Book online or via our
    Call Centre: 0861 439 242.

Earn Extra iPoints!

If you bank early you get extra iPoints over and above your week's value. Here's how we calculate this:

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If you bank your points 180 days or more before your week begins we will give you an additional 10% points value. That's great value for money! Alternatively if you bank your points anywhere from 60 to 179 days before your week commences you will get your full points value. From then onwards you would get 80% points value for 59 - 39 days before, 60% for 38 to 29 days before and from 29 to 0 days before, you would be putting your points value at risk. So bank early if you can and get more than you bargained for!

Just remember...

  • Registering with iExchange is FREE!
  • Banking is FREE!
  • Bank early and we'll give you extra iPoints.
  • There are over 160 holiday destinations available in South Africa and over 4,000 worldwide - time to start packing for that trip!

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