Sandpiper Dunes will be open to our Namibian guests from Friday 8 May 2020


The current cancellation policy is adapted as follows due to the Coronavirus, and may be withdrawn or altered at any point subject to further business risk and/ or developments.

All exchanges for lockdown period have been or will be automatically cancelled and credited for a future exchanges to be made by the end of June 2020, for occupation within 3 months of the end of lockdown.
Exchanges for the lockdown period made with points that would otherwise have expired will be reallocated to be used within the period detailed above.
All exchanges made for occupation from after lockdown up until the end of June 2020 may be cancelled by the member, provided 14 days advance notice is provided.
Any exchange for occupation later than end June 2020, existing cancellation policies apply.
International exchanges: All 2020 bookings may be deferred to travel within the next 12 months, without any penalty.
All travel bookings (local and international flights, car hire, cruises) - will be subject to the policy from the supplier.
All banking for occupation to end June 2020 on risk, all other banking subject to points reversal if lockdown period extended and occupation not permitted.


Your health and safety at our resorts remain our top priority while we ensure that you are enjoying your well-deserved holiday. While the resorts have always maintained the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, they have intensified this now more than ever.

Most resorts have implemented the following:

The option to decline daily servicing/sanitising of units; (optional if you wish to limit contact with others)
Hand-sanitiser stations;
Frequent cleaning of high-touch areas.

Where possible, a select number of resorts have also implemented one or more of the following:

Drive-thru check-in at the front gate
Limiting numbers at check-in facilities
Grocery delivery;
On-site restaurant takeaway and/or delivery;
Unit allocation distancing - to evenly spread guests around the resort

Please contact us should you require details about a specific resorts safety initiatives. We remain dedicated to your needs and are confident that our operational excellence and commitment to our guests is our main priority.