So, you want to know more about timeshare?

How Does Timeshare Work?

Ownership of a timeshare week allows you to enjoy a guaranteed holiday in top class accommodation with full access to all resort facilities. Your holiday accommodation is yours and you don’t have to worry about it being unavailable.

Some Of The Benefits Of Owning Timeshare

  • You buy your holiday accommodation out right and pay an annual levy. This allows you to better plan your holiday and the financial expenses around it.
  • You know the standard of the resort you are going to.
  • You can exchange your timeshare week and go to other resorts instead.

Introducing: Beekman Managed Portfolio Timeshare

Beekman Managed Portfolio (BMP) is a property developer that offers you the opportunity to buy timeshare at one of their resort developments. With BMP timeshare you and your family will be able to go on a holiday every year in your very own luxurious self-catering Chalet.

BMP's timeshare weeks are offered on both an express offering (12 year ownership) or for life in perpetuity. Enjoy quality luxury holidays every year at affordable rates.